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First Take makes films for social good and to highlight and tackle social and economic injustice. 

The current climate has become more and more hostile to the LGBTQi Community and as a Queer led organisation we want to focus our work to protect, represent, support and improve the lives of people in this community.

We believe in doing so we will make a better more tolerant society for all. Watch this space for new projects and opportunities for LGBTQi+.

We also understand the principles of intersectionality and that this effects certain communities more than others. Like underrepresented ethnicities, working class, women, and people with disabilities and so we will target these groups.

We embrace the word QUEER and will be approaching all our work with a QUEER sensibility. Seeing the world through a Queer lens and Queering it up. 



Beyond Binary

Working with other LGBTQi+ creatives and community campaigners, we will design and create a series of films and digital art works, to open up authentic, kind and supportive debate, build cross sector networks, improve opportunity and platform diverse creative voices.

We will create a high profile, positive, inclusive film/digital art campaign to challenge inequality and help change national policy to gain non-binary gender recognition.

The project will support, strengthen and ultimately legitimise people who identify as non-binary. It will enable positive changes of attitude towards the LGBTQI+ community, specifically non-binary people.

First Take are trying to fund this project.


Reel Queer is a 3-year project for people from the LGBTQ+ community to enable them to come together and learn new skills in screenwriting, all aspects of filmmaking, and acting.  Working alongside professional filmmakers, participants will get the opportunity to write, act in and/or work as part of a film crew on a series of short LGBTQ+ films and a feature film in the final year.

First Take are trying to fund this project.



We are looking for a diverse range LGBTQi+ People to join our steering group and we particulary encorage, working class, PoC and with disabilities


Queer IN/SIGHT fuses spoken word, visuals & music exploring the changing language &landscape of Gender &sexuality. It is an experimental programme of workshops, films, QRsticker films, interactive poetry zine & Live show. It will showcase/support the developing North West LGBTQi Queer/Diverse artsscene. 

It will give that community a visual and digital presence. It will focus on Queer experience & positivity in light of the increase in LGBTQ+ hate crimes nationally & in particular Liverpool.

There will be an intersectionality-focussed application process to discover/support diverse queer spoken word artists to enable them to create new work around the changing landscape, language and struggle of the LGBTQ+ community.

Workshops and rehearsals will, hone the words, and work alongside professional LGBTQ+ poets, musicians, filmmakers and VJ to create content to be recorded for the live show and provide a bold audio/visual legacy for the artists & audiences on digital platforms.

PAST PROJECTS IN THE LGBTQi+ COMMUNITY include the award winning

The Unlimited House of Krip which won Liverpool PRIDE Festival and was nominated for the IRIS PRIZE the largest LGBTQi+ film festival in the world, get us!!

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