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Humanity is at a pivotal time. We are on the cusp of Planetary Civilisation, what physicists call a Type 1 Civilisation: a highly technological, interconnected, tolerant, global society. But we must overcome global issues & transcend forces of isolationism, terrorism & greed to get there.
PORTAL fictions, that future & parallel timelines are making contact to steer US and THEM in the right direction
The PEDAL PORTAL is a live post-oil futuristic multi media projection bike with immersive theatre and dramatic portal with video mapping to create an entrance for a traveler and portal frame to project the transmissions from other timelines.
AR/VR PORTALS will be linked to real life street objects e.g. Grids, parts of the city’s architecture, etc. Little framed tags or stickers will identify PORTALs and when the portal is scanned it will trigger dramatic video art/audio scenarios from future/different timelines.
Easy to use instructions will allow people to view the PORTAL scenarios on their mobile devises. The app will only need to be downloaded once for the lengh of the entire project.

Once the content has played they will be linked to an online PORTAL POLL and further elements of the experience and the website which will guide them further.

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