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14th October-14 November

A poignant and moving retelling of the 1919 Race Riots in Liverpool, on the streets where it took place. Visit the Augmented Reality (AR) trail and find the signs on the streets that can be brought to life using a mobile device, enabling you to watch short films depicting events that led to the Race Riots of 1919 and the death of seafarer Charles Wotten, all based on actual documented accounts.

FInd the first sign and Film 1 on the corner of Nelson Street and Grenville Street. See in maps 

Download ROAR on your mobile device.


Media Fuels Hatred – Hear actual media reports with the dramatic the story of John Johnson that sparked the riots.

Film 1 can be found outside New Capital Chinese Restaurant on the corner of Nelson Street and Grenville Street. See in maps


Police Raids – Charles Wotten was a lodger in a boarding house that the police raided to arrest black men. The innocent Charles fled the scene to avoid arrest.

Film 2 sign can be found outside St. Jame’s Health and Community Centre on Nelson Street at the cross road with Upper Pitt Street. See in maps


Charles Wotten Dies – Wotten’s fate is symbolic of the wider plight of the Black community, as the victim of societal racism.

Film 3 sign can be found at the Queens Wharf overlooking the Queens Dock. See in maps


‘For Their Own Safety’ – A police report depicts how “many of the negroes had to be removed under police custody for their own safety”.

Film 4 sign can be found outside Toxteth Library on Windsor Street. See in maps

Image courtesy of Jazamin Sinclair

Resist Racism Today – A hundred years on, we look at the rhetoric today and how people try to divide and rule with racism. But Liverpool shows hope and solidarity.

Film 5 sign can also be found outside Toxteth library on Windsor Street. See in maps

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