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First Take makes films for social good and to highlight and tackle social and economic injustice.  I Am Not Ok was a collaboration with Tmesis Theatre, performed by Ithalia Forel & Kolade T Lapido.


Since October 2020 First Take has been working on a Black Lives Matter Documentary, which highlights the actions needed to change the systematic racism and broken systems in which we live.  It will be released in Black History Month 2021.  The stings here from Dr Yvonne Battle-Felton give you an example of one contribution but we want loads of different voices from across Liverpool and beyond. Contact lynne@firsttake.org.uk if you want to be a part of the documentary or can help put us in touch with someone who does.

In 2019 as part of Black History Month we created an augmented reality trail about the 1919 Race Riots that went along the route that Charles Wotten was chased to his death by police and angry mob. We worked with partners from COoL including WoW, Tmesis Theatre, Pagoda Arts and Liverpool Irish Festival. The films were drama recreations in 5 x 1 minute films. Here is the film of the whole piece.

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