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FREE filmmaking and acting training for people in ABSTINENT RECOVERY.
Come along to meet other like-minded people and learn skills in camera, sound, editing, directing and acting! And have fun. Email us, or call to sign up or just find out more.

Just leave your details and say you are interested in the REEL RECOVERY PROJECT and we will get in touch 🙂

call: 0151 7085767

The Tables Turn trailer: written, performed and filmed by people being trained on the Reel Recovery Course.

Written by Joolz Nylander.

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Start on your filmmaking journey by learning all the basic skills in the different roles.

How to operate a camera, record sound, light a scene, production design, clear locations,
how to edit, add sound effects and music – all this whilst working on a short film.

Go on to specialise in your chosen area and do intermediate and advanced level course.

Basic filmmaking – 1 day a week over 5 weeks

Specialised training and mentoring also available.

Acting for Camera

A professional Actor and Director wil train you in acting techniques for film and television.

It covers being in the moment, listening, acting is reacting, working with images, and other acting techniques.

You may have never acted before – it doesn’t matter – just come along and give it a try.

You may go on to act in a short film or even a feature film.

1 day a week over 10 weeks


Have you ever watched a film or tely and thought ‘I could write that’? Now is your chance.

Learn about character, theme, genre, structure,& how to write dialogue,

How to layout a script & be mentored through the process of writing your own script.

You don’t need any past experience or to have written anything before.

1 day a week over 10 weeks – how to write a screenplay from idea to final draft script.

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